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If you decide that you need help with your tax returns or other financial decisions, it’s a really simple process – and we aim to make it as easy for you as possible!

What happens:

  1. You meet with us (no charge, no obligations!) and decide you would like us to take the work off your hands;
  2. We collect all your information, contact HMRC to get authorisation to act on your behalf and provide you with a clear list of what information we need from you;
  3. You send us the information – we’re happy to receive things by email, in the post or saved into a secure shared folder that we can both access;
  4. We do the calculations and report back to you, with any suggestions and questions that we come up with;
  5. We submit everything to HMRC – on time and accurately!

So if you are worried about your self-assessment tax returns, property income, other sources of income and what you need to do to get the right information to the tax man, without getting any fines or penalties along the way, then please do consider getting some help with it – that’s what we’re trained to do!

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