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Online Accounting

A modern approach to accounts management:

A brilliant way to cut down the amount of time you spend on paperwork and bookkeeping AND give you excellent, up to date information about your business is by using ‘Online Accounting Software’  (or “cloud accounting”, as it is sometimes called).

We provide a system called “Xero“, which many of our clients are now using on a day to day basis and they love it.

How this works:

Both you and Solve have a secure login to Xero, so you can log in to your up-to-date accounts from anywhere, at any time, and we can log in to either do your bookkeeping, prepare your accounts or set up reports to give us the management information that you need.

You can even upload expense receipts from your mobile phone while you’re out and about!

The advantages are:

  • It is extremely ‘user-friendly’ – with a simple layout and clear instructions, not like the traditional accounting software which often causes you more problems than it solves;
  • It is accessible anywhere – you just log in with a user name and password, so you are not tied to your desk for hours;
  • It is quick – invoices can be automatically raised for you, emailed directly to your customers and bank payments matched against the invoice without you having to make a single click of the mouse.  There are numerous other examples of how Xero can automate or speed up your accounts management;
  • Your accountant has access too – so no more need for hours spent gathering together bundles of paperwork for the accountant and tracking down all those missing bank statements and receipts… It’s all in there, ready for them
  • It provides you with up to date information – so if you want to see how much profit you have made so far this month – you can!  Or see how much you spent last month – you can!  Or see how much VAT you owe this quarter – you can!  The information you can extract with just a couple of clicks is almost endless.
  • It can link to other cloud software – so you can tie it in with CRM tools, for example and have a fully joined-up business – another brilliant time-saver.

You, as the business owner or manager, will certainly have better and more important things to do with your time than sort through paperwork and add up expenses.  We understand this, and this is a key driver behind the provision of Xero software – we want to:

  • free up your time to do the important stuff that you’d rather be doing;
  • be able to provide excellent information to you to help you make the best possible decisions for your business

Take a look for yourself: and see why our customers love online accounting!

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